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Hey, it's Mis! I don't know about you, but sometimes I feel like I live in a constant state of feeling INADEQUATE...

Let me explain....and give you a little backstory.....

We are Nic and Mis Keith, we have 4 precious children (aren't they SUPER cute:), we own businesses in the wedding industry THE LOFT + ALL THAT MUSIC and we have been in pretty much full time ministry for 15 years. We are campus Pastor's at THE HILL

and are the founder's of SOULFIRE MINISTRIES. SOULFIRE has always been a dream, a vision that GOD has given us to truly IGNITE HEARTS for JESUS......BUT LIFE....we are serving GOD faithfully....but we know that GOD has really BIG things for SOULFIRE MINISTRIES! We have a vision to do more CONFERENCES, EVENTS, online Bible studies and training.......SO MUCH!!!

All of the dreams + visions that GOD has given us seem SO out of reach....and LIFE gets in the way....I mean we have 4 crazy + awesome kids....businesses....SO many things....great things....but things....who has time for more DREAMS???

We have been in a season where GOD has been calling us to MORE....and we have been very reluctant to do MORE with SOULFIRE, well really cause we do not know how! I mean podcasts, You Tube, blogging, God, I have a degree in fitness (aka.....I know how to play dodge ball really well:) and I am a momma.....a homeschool momma:).....I surely have NO clue of how this stuff works! BUT GOD...

So, we are doing it.....taking a the midst of feeling inadequate, trusting that GOD has a plan.

I think back to God's word when David went to the battle lines and listened to Goliath coming out and defying the living GOD...He chose in that moment to just take a step, knowing that GOD was on his side...then, as the story unfolds in 1 Samuel 17, David actually RAN towards Goliath, towards the battle...See, the very thing thing that you are running from, might be the very thing that the LORD is wanting you to run towards!

I know in my own life, I am tired of not doing MORE, just because of a feeling of INADEQUACY! David was NOT qualified...he was WILLING!

So, here it goes, with a whole lot of EXCITING new things with SOULFIRE MINISTRIES! But...warning.....I/we are NOT a writer/blogger.....not an online guru....not a perfect speaker/ know what we are??? We are children of the LIVING GOD who can take our inadequacies and turn them into something that ONLY HE can do! All we want is to serve GOD faithfully and tell